Sunday, 31 August 2014

Google Glass app detects Human emotions in Real time

A software has been developed by the Germany's Fraunhofer Institute that can detect the human emotion in real time. SHORE ( Sophisticated High-speed Object Recognition ) the technology developed by the institute. The team is thinking to make the software an app for the Google Glass.

The software purely analyzes a persons emotion in real time none of which leaves the device . All the calculations are done by the device's CPU in the integrated eye wear.

The SHORE technology is based on the learning algorithm and was "trained" by the use of database that contained more than 10,000 faces. It can recognize the emotions such as anger, happiness, sad and surprised. It can aso estimate the gender and the approximate age of the person.

The technology can be a thing of great help for the persons with disabilities such as autism. The app can also be helpful for the persons with visual disabilities. The app can also help people to interact in their social life more effectively. 

The identity of the person is not revealed and none of the image leaves the device

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Saturday, 30 August 2014

Super Smart Grids (SSGs)

Increasing and never ending demands of energy and specially Electric energy are today's worlds one biggest problems. Generation of sufficient electric power is the need of the hour.
Super Smart grids a plan to setup synchronized power grids from the European Union to the middle east and the North African countries to meet the electric demands of these countries.
Today the biggest  synchronized power grid in the world is the synchronous grid of continental Europe. Some 24 countries, feeding 400 million customers, are all locked together via interconnections locked at 50 Hz. 

The proposed  European super grid linking renewable energy projects like  North Africa, the Middle East and Europe 

Europe doesn't want to stop here. The talks There are talks to synchronize the IPS/UPS (Russian power system) with continental Europe to create a single grid that spans about 10,000 miles and 13 time zones. 
The Russian (orange) or the IPS/UPS powers system 
The SSG would allow Africa and the Middle East to cost effectively deploy massive solar power installations that could feed Europe during the day — and in return, Europe would return conventional power at night. As the “smart” in the name suggests.

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Friday, 22 August 2014

A bulb that does not need a dimmer any kind of dimmer to get dim. Might not sound interesting. Well we all have the answer that any kind of app can be used to do this kinda stuff. How if I say no need of any app or special hardware for that. Hmmmm...... World and it's people are becoming smarter even the phones are and so the bulbs are yes, the bulbs. THE NANOLEAF BLOOM is a bulb that needs no special hardware or app to make it dim. Just simply we have to fit the bulb and use the same on off switch.
This new unique kind of bulb has 33 omni-directional LED lights built in which uses a sequence of on off switches to set it's brightness which means not extra hardware or any app. Sounds easy and effective. We all will have to like these kind of bulbs installed in our houses. 

The nanoleaf blooms have built in microprocessor which translates the sequence of on off switch and make it dimmer of brighter according to that. 

For example the bloom has a night mode having 5% brightness, which can be enabled by simply switching the wall switch on/off/on. Also letting the switch in the on stage glows the bulb at full brightness.

These kind of things are Simply Amazing.

CLICK this link to learn more Nanoleaf Bloom

Sunday, 17 August 2014

"Project Loon"

Think about a world where we can access internet even from a jungle of Africa without even having and kind of cellular network access sounds fascinating. We all thought about this world from the age when we were kids.
We are not far away from that time as Google has started working on this on a Project named "Project Loon". The name sounds more interesting and  as well predictive, yes Google has plan to give internet access to the world via balloons yeahhh... really innovative. The balloons will be like of hot air balloon.

Yes this is how the loon balloon will look like. It will have it's own energy source i.e. solar cells. Will have it,s electronics build in it placed inside a box and fitted with the antennas to communicate with other balloons and earth. The balloons will float 20 kms above in the stratosphere. The work started in 2013 at  New Zealand. When Google flew an test balloon. The loon  internet give speed comparable to 3G network. Google started this project to give internet access to the 5 billion people having no access to internet. The project is started for a noble cause.

Explanatory video:-

For more details and Explanation Click on this Link:-
The Project Loon 

Good explanation is given at this link by google 
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This blog may be about the tech news But, I can't resist myself sharing awesome things.

Waking up early can be really cool this summer. All space freaks see this video by NASA.
See the beautiful conjunction of Jupiter and Venus the two most brightest planets of our Solar System

Click the video and enjoy

Friday, 15 August 2014

Samsung Galaxy Alpha set to fight with iPhone 6

Wednesday 13/08/2014 Samsumg released its new Android powered smartphone Samsung Galaxy Alpha and said that it will hit the shelves by the early September this year . Apple still not has given any kind of indication of releasing iPhone 6 but alpha is considered as the competitor for it. Samsung has dropped it's ideal plastic body and has given a metal body to this new device. Despite of the metal finish of device, it delivers users with same powerful hardware and features that can be expected from a flagship galaxy device, according to Samsung spokesperson Ashley Gregory.

Getting towards the specs the new flagship device is powered by 1860 mAh battery has a powerful "dual quad core" processor i.e. a Quad core 1.8 GHz  Cortex A-15 & 1.3 GHz Cortex A-7 chip. A 4.7 inch super AMOLED screen with 720x1280 pixels screen having 312ppi.It comes with an 32 Gigs of internal storage with no external card slot it could be considered as a limitation and also it comes with 2 Gigs of RAM and Android 4.4.4 kitkat OS. Pretty nice and cool specs. 

Talking about the body it has the metal framing only on it's side frame Samsung continues the removable plastic back. It weighs 115 gms lighter then the S5. It comes with the "Apple inspired" fingerprint sensor. Only 6.7mm is the thickness of the device. A 12 MP primary and 2.1 MP secondary camera is something to be expected less from it. Having Accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass and a heartrate sensor.

The move of metal body after years of samsung being stuck  to plastic material for the devices even after competition from Apple  and HTC moved to premium body - saying that plastic construction was more durable and flexible to consumer needs. 

“The biggest problem is that Samsung keeps launching devices that are not as premium in terms of materials compared to its competitors,” said Francisco Jeronimo, European mobile devices research director for IDC, who has seen the Alpha. “If you want to charge $600 for a smartphone you cannot provide plastic covers – a metal band around the outside is not enough.”

“The biggest problem is that Samsung keeps launching devices that are not as premium in terms of materials compared to its competitors,” said Francisco Jeronimo, European mobile devices research director for IDC, who has seen the Alpha. “If you want to charge $600 for a smartphone you cannot provide plastic covers – a metal band around the outside is not enough.”

“Going head-to-head with Apple and its iPhone 6 in September will be a tough sell,” explained Jeronimo. “As consumers start going to the store and putting one device against another, they will notice the difference in material if Apple sticks to the design scheme of the current iPhone.”

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Why XIAOMI is loved by people?

It was the date of June 29 when Xiaomi was announced in India and it did a wonder of selling 5,000 sets in just 5 SECONDS!!!! Yes a Chinese electronics company headquartered in Beijing that develops and sells smartphones, mobile apps and consumer electronics. It first released smartphone in August 2011, gained market in mainland China. Now it is further increasing it's market in India and Indonesia.

With the arrival or I should say "advent" of Xiaomi in India the world's third largest market of smartphones has left the old layers like samsung and micromax sweating. The phone was launched on Flipkart and ran out of stock in seconds!!! The smartphones are in budget of buyers , Powerful and More user friendly.

But the big question is why Xiaomi is loved by the buyers so much. I found these things which made customers like xiaomi.

1.CHEAP:- Xiaomi is cheap very cheap because like those old players xiaomi doesn't spend money on advertisements.It does not have it's own physical stores and staff to handle those stores. Instead of that xiaomi interacts with it's customers via social networking sites, cool way right? Xiaomi sells its products from online stores which again cuts cost. Even xiaomi maintains very low price still it manages to extract some profit. As in case of Mi3 the device costs $157 to make and they make at least $100 profit out of it according to Minatake Kashio, Fomalhaut's director, accounting for Xiaomi distribution costs.

2. MIUI:- (Read as MI You I) is a user interface developed by Xiaomi Tech. based on Android 2.2x Froyo and Cyanogenmod. It features a heavily modified and hard-coded user interface somewhat similar to iOS. It has plenty of features that cannot be found in iOS or Android like navigation gesture. MIUI is a theme oriented ROM. Updates are provided over-the-air every Friday.

3.High Quality and Powerful Devices:- Xiaomi has a powerful high end flagship devices such as Mi3, its budgets line is impressive for the value it offers.Incase of Redmi Note, it has a 5.5-inch screen with an octa-core processor and 13 MP camera. Where as in Mi3 It has FULL HD display, corning gorilla glass 3 and 2.3ghz quad-core processor 

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