Thursday, 14 August 2014

Why XIAOMI is loved by people?

It was the date of June 29 when Xiaomi was announced in India and it did a wonder of selling 5,000 sets in just 5 SECONDS!!!! Yes a Chinese electronics company headquartered in Beijing that develops and sells smartphones, mobile apps and consumer electronics. It first released smartphone in August 2011, gained market in mainland China. Now it is further increasing it's market in India and Indonesia.

With the arrival or I should say "advent" of Xiaomi in India the world's third largest market of smartphones has left the old layers like samsung and micromax sweating. The phone was launched on Flipkart and ran out of stock in seconds!!! The smartphones are in budget of buyers , Powerful and More user friendly.

But the big question is why Xiaomi is loved by the buyers so much. I found these things which made customers like xiaomi.

1.CHEAP:- Xiaomi is cheap very cheap because like those old players xiaomi doesn't spend money on advertisements.It does not have it's own physical stores and staff to handle those stores. Instead of that xiaomi interacts with it's customers via social networking sites, cool way right? Xiaomi sells its products from online stores which again cuts cost. Even xiaomi maintains very low price still it manages to extract some profit. As in case of Mi3 the device costs $157 to make and they make at least $100 profit out of it according to Minatake Kashio, Fomalhaut's director, accounting for Xiaomi distribution costs.

2. MIUI:- (Read as MI You I) is a user interface developed by Xiaomi Tech. based on Android 2.2x Froyo and Cyanogenmod. It features a heavily modified and hard-coded user interface somewhat similar to iOS. It has plenty of features that cannot be found in iOS or Android like navigation gesture. MIUI is a theme oriented ROM. Updates are provided over-the-air every Friday.

3.High Quality and Powerful Devices:- Xiaomi has a powerful high end flagship devices such as Mi3, its budgets line is impressive for the value it offers.Incase of Redmi Note, it has a 5.5-inch screen with an octa-core processor and 13 MP camera. Where as in Mi3 It has FULL HD display, corning gorilla glass 3 and 2.3ghz quad-core processor 

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