Sunday, 17 August 2014

"Project Loon"

Think about a world where we can access internet even from a jungle of Africa without even having and kind of cellular network access sounds fascinating. We all thought about this world from the age when we were kids.
We are not far away from that time as Google has started working on this on a Project named "Project Loon". The name sounds more interesting and  as well predictive, yes Google has plan to give internet access to the world via balloons yeahhh... really innovative. The balloons will be like of hot air balloon.

Yes this is how the loon balloon will look like. It will have it's own energy source i.e. solar cells. Will have it,s electronics build in it placed inside a box and fitted with the antennas to communicate with other balloons and earth. The balloons will float 20 kms above in the stratosphere. The work started in 2013 at  New Zealand. When Google flew an test balloon. The loon  internet give speed comparable to 3G network. Google started this project to give internet access to the 5 billion people having no access to internet. The project is started for a noble cause.

Explanatory video:-

For more details and Explanation Click on this Link:-
The Project Loon 

Good explanation is given at this link by google 
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