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Saturday, 19 September 2015

Light can Bend Matter!! #Power_of_Light

Till now we have learn that matter can cause bending of light such as prisms, lenses etc. But now researchers at Michigan State University have found the reverse is also true that the light makes nano-particle ribbons twist. 


(After 72 hours of exposure to ambient light, strands of nanoparticles twisted and bunched together. Credit: Nicholas Kotov)

Researchers first places nano-particle (billionth of a meter) ribbons in a darkened room, initially they were flat but when the light was made incident on them they mysteriously twisted, they curled up.

How did this happen? 
The surface of the nanoparticles in this experiment were made of cadmium sulfide. They had a slightly negative electromagnetic charge in the beginning. But when photons, or particles of light, hit the nano-particles, their energy excited electrons on the nano-particles, causing chemical reactions that made them even more negatively charged. Since two negative charges repel each other, the nano-particles began to repel more strongly.

It took them three and a half years to really figure out how photons of light can lead to such a remarkable change in rigid structures a thousand times bigger than molecules!!

"I didn't believe it at the beginning," said lead researcher Nicholas Kotov, an engineer at the University of Michigan. "What's happening is a layer of nano-particles starts repulsing from the others, so it creates mechanical stress, and in order to release this stress the ribbon twists itself," says Kotov.

The outcome of this experiment can be mind-blowing like self repairing materials, introduction of some new technologies. 

Well what remains is the progress and detailed study of this experiment.

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Source: livescience