Sunday, 31 August 2014

Google Glass app detects Human emotions in Real time

A software has been developed by the Germany's Fraunhofer Institute that can detect the human emotion in real time. SHORE ( Sophisticated High-speed Object Recognition ) the technology developed by the institute. The team is thinking to make the software an app for the Google Glass.

The software purely analyzes a persons emotion in real time none of which leaves the device . All the calculations are done by the device's CPU in the integrated eye wear.

The SHORE technology is based on the learning algorithm and was "trained" by the use of database that contained more than 10,000 faces. It can recognize the emotions such as anger, happiness, sad and surprised. It can aso estimate the gender and the approximate age of the person.

The technology can be a thing of great help for the persons with disabilities such as autism. The app can also be helpful for the persons with visual disabilities. The app can also help people to interact in their social life more effectively. 

The identity of the person is not revealed and none of the image leaves the device

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