Friday, 26 December 2014

Samsung's Smart TVs to Play Playstation Games without Using Playstation Console.

2015 will be a bang, loads of new tech coming out, I am really excited about the advent of this New Year. I recently heard that Samsung's Smart TVs in The United States and Canada will run Playstation games without using or installing the Playstation console. The company has said that the service will be accessible in the first half of next year.

The service is called Playstation now. You will need a Sony Dual Shock Controller and once it is plugged into the Smart TV the user will just have to fire an app and play the games.

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The interesting part is that there is no need of downloading any content so need to wait just plug it on and play over 200 PS3 games on your Smart TV. Moreover, you can play online with their friends and save their progress in the cloud ready to pick up next time where the you left. So, all you need is a good good internet connection so that game can run smoothly and may not have lag issues

However the South Korean giant has not given exact dates that when the service will be available in these two countries and any plans to further implement this idea in other countries.

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