Friday, 22 August 2014

A bulb that does not need a dimmer any kind of dimmer to get dim. Might not sound interesting. Well we all have the answer that any kind of app can be used to do this kinda stuff. How if I say no need of any app or special hardware for that. Hmmmm...... World and it's people are becoming smarter even the phones are and so the bulbs are yes, the bulbs. THE NANOLEAF BLOOM is a bulb that needs no special hardware or app to make it dim. Just simply we have to fit the bulb and use the same on off switch.
This new unique kind of bulb has 33 omni-directional LED lights built in which uses a sequence of on off switches to set it's brightness which means not extra hardware or any app. Sounds easy and effective. We all will have to like these kind of bulbs installed in our houses. 

The nanoleaf blooms have built in microprocessor which translates the sequence of on off switch and make it dimmer of brighter according to that. 

For example the bloom has a night mode having 5% brightness, which can be enabled by simply switching the wall switch on/off/on. Also letting the switch in the on stage glows the bulb at full brightness.

These kind of things are Simply Amazing.

CLICK this link to learn more Nanoleaf Bloom

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