Saturday, 30 August 2014

Super Smart Grids (SSGs)

Increasing and never ending demands of energy and specially Electric energy are today's worlds one biggest problems. Generation of sufficient electric power is the need of the hour.
Super Smart grids a plan to setup synchronized power grids from the European Union to the middle east and the North African countries to meet the electric demands of these countries.
Today the biggest  synchronized power grid in the world is the synchronous grid of continental Europe. Some 24 countries, feeding 400 million customers, are all locked together via interconnections locked at 50 Hz. 

The proposed  European super grid linking renewable energy projects like  North Africa, the Middle East and Europe 

Europe doesn't want to stop here. The talks There are talks to synchronize the IPS/UPS (Russian power system) with continental Europe to create a single grid that spans about 10,000 miles and 13 time zones. 
The Russian (orange) or the IPS/UPS powers system 
The SSG would allow Africa and the Middle East to cost effectively deploy massive solar power installations that could feed Europe during the day — and in return, Europe would return conventional power at night. As the “smart” in the name suggests.

What do you think about the SSG ?comment below and we can discuss over the topic.

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