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Virtual Reality Headsets were the main attractions in this year's CES at Las Vegas. All the headsets like Oculus Rift really seized the moment, but the main issue was there cost which varied between $200-$400 which is pretty much. Samsung also proposed that they want to work on a smartphone compatible VR headset.

But Google just replaced big, costly electronic VR headsets with just a cardboard!! what? Yes, just a piece of cardboard, two lenses and two magnets. As simple as that and it is that cheap too. It is available on Amazon only for 6 bucks. Moreover you can make it your own by just ordering the kit online and give it different colors which indeed makes it attractive you can check people's creativity on Google Cardboard's Official Site.

I had a chance of hands-on of this simple and amazing VR headset. Let's see what I found.

Firstly thing about the headset which attracted me is it's amazingly simple and cheap. Which will attract most of the user

Construction and Basic Look:

The basic look of this device is pretty simple a cardboard given shape of headset. Obviously you can make it by yourself at home as I told you earlier by just ordering the kit online. Now you can think how simple is building it. the shade which my friend ordered is black which is pretty good I would say. There's a black strap as you can see to just fit around your head and at the front a cavity for inserting the smartphone. 

Many Joints are supported by pairs of velcro. At the front there is a sort of cutting or hole for the camera. Behind the flap there is a pair of Biconvex lenses divided by a piece of cardboard for separating the vision of both eyes for a 3-D sensation. The only flaw which I found in the headset was that there is no setting for spectacles for a specy guy like me it was a bit of problem but overall it has a nice design.
My friend Abhinav Goyal who ordered the Headset online tried to make the same headset by wood in the University Workshop. But there was a bit of parts problem as he was unable to find Biconvex lens used in the Headset. But, that headset is still under development.

The white one is the one which my friend made.

Working and the 3-D sensation:

Now comes the main working and and the 3-D sensation. When I wore the headset, it was pretty comfortable and the moment I wore it I really was in a Virtual World the app which was running on the Headset was the Cardboard app itself. I started the windy Day demo in the app a funny animated story of a mouse and it's hat. I was like I am standing in front of the mouse. My Friend  has Xiaomi Mi 3 smartphone which has a very nice 1080 p display. So the 3-D Picture was really crisp and vivid.Basically the the apps for the cardboard divides the screen in two parts which when sen through the Biconvex lens fitted inside the Cardboard.

The other application I tried was the Virtual Tour of space and Guys one of the most amazing 3-D video experience I ever had. Really those big planets and there was a spaceship too but I did not understand that were the aliens of Human spaceship.

I also tried a bunch of apps they were as amazing as they other two were. As to conclude I would say that the it really has the excellence of Google. Such an advanced technology and complex electronic circuits replaced by just a cardboard and a pair of lens. I would say I had a really amazing experience with the Google Cardboard.

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