Friday, 6 March 2015

The first Beautiful Laptop of 2015 with #Infinity_Display #Dell_XPS13

As same of the Smartphone race the notebooks are also becoming thinner, lighter and elegant in terms of looks. Dell launched it's new XPS 13 notebook the ultimate ultraportable and smaller. All Aluminium and Carbon fiber body makes it the perfect notebook.
Let's have a look at this impressive machine.

Basic Specs:


The beautiful machine having 13-inch display is packed in the 11-inch display notebooks body. The silver color of the aluminium metal body makes similar to Mac Book Air. The Notebook durable and sheen. The interior of the notebook is made of black colored Carbon Fiber.

It is the smallest 13-inch notebook till date having dimensions of 11.98 x 7.88 x 0.33-0.6 inches. It is not only attractive but it's soft-touch finish was very comfortable.

It weighs 2.8 pounds were as the HP EliteBook 1020 weighs 2.68 pounds and Lenovo Yoga 3 weighs 2.6 pounds.


The new display has been installed in Dell's new machine is named as the Infinity Display. It's not only a good marketing name but the vivid reds and the deep blacks give the name a good justification. Dell XPS -13 has got Quad-HD display. The resolution of this machine is same as that of yoga 3 and slightly higher than the 12.5 inch HP EliteBook 1020's resolution.

The higher-end version looks clear and bright, with excellent off-axis viewing angles, and the better-than-1080 resolution means you likely won’t see individual pixels or a screen door effect no matter how close to the screen you get.


The speakers are mounted at sides and are able to crank out loud sounds. The XPS-13 delivers 94 decibels which is much higher than the Yoga 3 (86dB), the EliteBook (85 dB), the MacBook Air (73dB) and the category average (84 dB).


The Notebook has got two USB 3.0 ports, miniDisplay Port and a headphone jack. Dell has given a SD card slot for the ones who transfer lot of pics from their camera.

There is no Ethernet port which can make it a no deal for enterprise users. Also small indicator lights are installed that show how much battery is left.

Performance, Graphics and Battery Life:

XPS 13 is first notebook which packs Intel's 5th generation Core processors, and its Core i5-5200U and 8 GB of RAM which gives enough power to run all day.

Talking about Graphics Intel HD Graphics 5500 GPU is more powerful than  the previous version, but its limitations gets visible when dealing with screens whose resolutions exceed 1080p.

Battery under normal conditions the non-touch-screen version are expected to last 15 hours and the touch version up to 11 hours according to dell.

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