Thursday, 2 April 2015

Vehicles Without Motors. #Linear_Motors

Wow seems to be some crazy stuff but you read right. I always fantasied this thing that cars and bikes should also move on roads like the Maglev trains does on the tracks. Texchange a U.K. based company has come up with this idea. They have come up with a new concept of linear motors. Now what actually is this linear motor

Think of a normal Three-Phase Electric Motor cut till the center and unwrapping it till it becomes straight. As you can see in the pics below. Stator ( the part of motor which has the copper wire ) and the rotor the part of motor which rotates )are just flattened up. This creates a magnetic wave that can be used to surf the rotor from one end to the other.

                                                      (pics credit)       
By synchronizing a series of those motors laid end-to-end along a track, a reaction plate could be made to "surf" a traveling magnetic wave all the way down that track in the same way as some maglev trains – but without the levitation. Attach that plate to the underside of a mine cart, and you get a motor-less moving cart. Additionally, multiple carts could be made to move independently on one track at the same time, going in either direction and at different speeds.

According to the English company the system or the vehicle will be much more efficient, robust, lighter and allow climbing gradient of 20%. Also this idea can be used in the concept of cable-less elevators.

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