Monday, 5 January 2015

Experience PC-Console Gaming on Your Smartphone

All Gaming freaks always wanted to Play their console games on their smartphone, Well Nvidia the Graphics giant has the solution. Recently in a press conference in Las Vegas the Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang announced a new addition to it's Tegra chip family, the Tegra X1.

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The processor uses the most advanced PC Architecture for graphics called the Maxwell. It packs with in a 256-core GPU on the top of 8-core CPU. The most interesting part is that it has 1 Teraflops of computational power, which makes it the "SuperChip".

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Now what actually the computational power means?
It has a simple answer that how fast or much data your computer, laptop or a smartphone can handle. And the Tegra X1 is the first mobile chip to reach the Teraflops speed.

According to Huang, the result is tiny workhorse for smartphone is both powerful and energy efficient to bring PC-Console gaming graphics to smartphones. The tiny chip is twice more powerful than previous Tegra K1 The "We're able to run any application that relies on the architecture of Maxwell," Huang said, "That includes any game powered by top-end PCs and home console."

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Nvidia is dominating the PC graphics cards by it's GeForce GPUs, Nvidia has driven the rival AMD out of the race. Now Nvidia wants to move in the smartphone market against the Qualcomm which is leader in making and supplying the smartphone processors and most of android phones run on Snapdragon.

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