Saturday, 3 January 2015

Subconscious Menu Knows what do you want

Entering a restaurant and ordering a meal is always tough thing to do for most of us, we always don't exactly know what do we want to eat and sometimes we even go for a wrong decision and have a bad meal and deliberately a bad mood.

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But "Subconscious Menus" are recently presented at Pizza Hut Restaurants in The United Kingdoms and are the solution for the daunting task of choosing a perfect pizza. The customers using this Menu are presented with a tablet equipped with the eye-tracking system designed by Tobii-Technologies.

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At first the customer is said to see the moving logo of Pizza-Hut in order to calibrate the system and then screen changes and customer is presented with an assortments of 20 Pizza toppings by Pizza-Hut.

And within 2.5 seconds the system by analyzing your eye movement and the largest time the customer stared at a particular topping presents a Pizza which suits best on the results and 98% customers are reported happy with the " Subconscious Menu's" Pizza order. Customer can restart the process by just staring at the on screen restart button.

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So, this might be helpful in future to solve our "restaurant problem" by all means. Comment below your Thoughts about this innovative Idea of Subconscious Menu.

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