Sunday, 11 January 2015

"Tesla of Scooters" this is what it's called. Beautiful

CES 2015 was a bang with hole lot of new products. One was a beautiful so called " Tesla of Scooters" The only Smart Scooter in the world with an innovation of hassle free, No Charging technique. Just have a look at it: 

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This was one of the most beautiful products of the CES 2015. The futuristic Scooter is entirely electric  can reach a speed of 90 Km/hr. The parts of this scooter are machined in the same way of sports car.

The Software inside this innovative vehicle brings an enormous amount of customization. The scooter can be Integrated with the iPhone or Android to change the colors of Headlight, monitoring the battery usage, find a battery swap station, call for help if you get crashed or locate where you parked your vehicle.

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Yes, now no need of charging a battery because the GOGORO has developed a new technique of battery refill i.e. not by charging it for hours but, by swapping it. All you have to do is take out the battery out and replace it with full battery at the battery swapping station.

The scooter's intelligent software not only monitors your Gogoro for any potential issues, but it also monitors your riding habits to see when you tend to recharge, and it can actually talk to the other charging stations so that they can anticipate where and when you'll stop by, much like a commuter's tendency to stop by the same gas station on the way home from work.

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Besides this the GOGORO stations uses energy efficient and extend the life of the batteries by not continuously charging them. And also the headlights get brighter as you speed up so that to look more far away. 

Till now the CEO Horace Luke of Gogoro has not announced any kind of price or release date but, it's a long process i.e. building Gogoro battery station all around the country. 

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