Saturday, 16 May 2015

Phone not Smart enough: #Light_Phone

In a world of smartphones, smart watches, smart TVs and smart homes, The Light Phone seeks to stand out by being, well, not very smart at all. While in today's world everyone is n social media weather for a professional cause or a just to remain connected to friends, family and to the world.

Here Light Phone is for giving break to a person from intense connectivity to world. The project offers basic approach to the communication that is just making necessary calls.

The beautiful little device is roughly of a size of a credit card having weight of just 39 grams and thickness of 4 mm. It's basically a GSM device with 500 min prepaid talktime that links to the user's smartphone for call forwarding. Everything is handled by a companion app, and we can store up to 10 numbers and can be accessed via speed dialing.

It uses a micro usb jack for charging and can run 20 days on a single charge which is pretty interesting and need of the hour. The other hardware which it has is LCD dot-matrix display and a touch module over the illuminated keyboard. There is also a speaker, volume rocked and a microphone. Simple and beautiful. 

In today's busy world where notifications of our smartphone makes it more hectic, the Light Phone is for making your day less hectic. It might not be smartphone itself but it still requires a smartphone to do your job. 

The Light Phone project is asking for US$200,000 on Kick starter. Assuming the funding effort is successful, a pledge of $100 will secure a single unit. The company hopes to ship handsets to backers in May 2016.

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source: Gizmag

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