Thursday, 16 April 2015

Everything Connected to Everything #Internet_of_Things.

Imagining a world where things are connected to each other. By things we mean here not only smartphones or Machines or Computers, here we mean a chair a table a pen connected to each other and everything else in a room or a house.

Seems interesting and also complicated. The thought is really fascinating. I would not say it only a thought as it's becoming reality. All the major economies and technology blocks in the world are investing in it.

What actually will be the applications of the IoT ?

Major applications of the IoT will be in the health sector. Like we will be able to monitor a old age person's heart beat and collect his/her cardiac data while sitting anywhere in the world. Even that person is sitting in New Delhi his/her relatives can get real time cardiac data while sitting in Paris.

Other major application will be in the transport. Connecting cars to traffic signals and other cars will reduce time, money and energy. Even connecting people crossing the roads and notifying them about the.

Even you see whose id sitting on your chair when your not at home. We are heading towards a "Technocratic" world where future generations will make decisions on the technological basis. As we see the concept of Utopia. Not exact Utopia but we will have control over the resources of our planet.

All of this sounds very exciting but IoT has a dark side too. As everything will be connected to everything. Everything includes Humans and animals too!! So, the concept of privacy will become meaningless in a world having IoT. Hacking attacks could be done on massive scale, online harassment and worst of all Terrorism. We all can judge on how large scale these dark things can be done.

So, we need to be much careful in order to have a safe and prosperous future of mankind and this planet.

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