Thursday, 26 February 2015

Portland Now Generates Electricity from Turbines Installed in City Water Pipelines: #Infinite_Energy

Who says energy crisis may decrease our living standards, at least not till these Innovative minds keeps on developing the solution for these crisis. Similar example of this king of innovation is presented in the Oregon's (U.S.) largest city Portland. Where the new scheme of generating electricity with water running inside the Water pipelines.

The city has collaborated with a company named Lucid Energy to generate clean electricity from the water flowing inside the water pipelines under the streets. The city has replaced all the existing pipelines with Lucid Energy pipes containing 42 inches turbines. So, as the water flows through the Lucid Energy pipes the water hits the turbines and turbines starts spinning and attached generators produces powers which then feed energy back to the city's electrical grid.

This Electric Energy project is known as “Conduit 3 Hydroelectric Project” the project will be running up in full capacity in March this year.

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Source: GOOD

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