Saturday, 20 December 2014

Cicret Bracelet - Tablet on your Skin

I think 2015 will be a revolution in the Technology Industry, everyday new techs coming out and some of them are really freaky, which have blown my and many other peoples minds. Like I have been posting about about new smartphones in 2015 to change the way we think. Previously i updated about the LG's TVs which are about to show in CES 2015 and they are really step ahead the way we think about the TVs. These both two topics are right below in the blog archive, in case you want to have look at them.

Today I caught up with something new something really really futuristic. We all have seen computer screens with actually no physical screen in sci-fi movies and also wanted to own them. The thing which I brought here today is really fascinating it's Smartphone bracelet, I mean just wear a bracelet and it will function as your smartphone while really having almost all the functionalities of your smartphone. 

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Here simple looking bracelet is a powerful device. Having one pico-projector, 8 proximity sensors, battery, bluetooth module, Wi-fi component, processor, LED light, vibrator, Micro USB port, Memory card, ROM and almost everything that a smartphone has. How powerful this device is.

Now how does it works, simply  the picoprojector projects the interface on your arm and when we have to put our finger on it stops one of the 8 proximity sensors. The sensor sends the information back to the processor of the bracelet. Simple and innovative, just reused the concepts and techniques which we are using earlier in a smarter way.

Here's the video so, I need not to write much about it


Comment below what you think about the gadget. I found it pretty cool. 
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  1. So if I want a larger screen, I have to grow a larger arm? :-)


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