Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Loose Your things Easily #Pixie_Points will now locate them. #Augumented_Reality

Most of us loose things easily like Keys, remote or even our tablets, but now Pixie Points offer us a very nice solution to find our lost things easily. They use Smartphone's camera to locate tagged objects in a actual pictures of your surroundings. The system is claimed capable of tracking down "pixified" objects, which are marked with a bold X, to within a few inches of their location.

The Pixie Point sensor tag having water drop shape when attached to the remote or anything you don't want to loose, becomes pixified. Any pixified object can communicate with your smartphone with the Augmented Reality App. Also that object can communicate with other pixified objects. The free iOS/Android app is able to use a secure network to precisely triangulate an object's coordinates within a 30 - 150 ft (10 - 45 m) range.

That means if you can find your remote control which is under the sofa seat then you will see a X-mark at the sofa seat. The app creates an AG reality map of every tagged object making it possible to see everything at once.

If you have lost something beyond the range of 150 ft. then you will be notified it's last known location which indeed is a very nice feature. The company has spent 2 years on meeting the accuracy levels of few inches.

Another nice feature of the pixie app is that we can create a checklists of all the tagged items you need when going on a vacation. Example when leaving for the office you need to verify that everything is in your laptop bag, the app will alert you if anything is missing Each Pixie Point tag has dimensions of 47 x 35 x 3.2 mm (1.8 x 1.3 x 0.1 in) and a lifetime of 18 months. The developers say that in order to keep the Pixie Points as thin as possible, a non-replaceable battery is used. When the internal battery runs low, the app will inform the user and the tag can be disposed of and replaced.
Check out this video demo:

A single packet with four Pixie Points can currently be pre-ordered for US$39.95, while a 12 Pixie Point packet costs $109.85. Shipping begins in the (Northern Hemisphere) summer.

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