Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Light Papers Turns Anything into Light

Yes, you read it right this beautiful invention can turn anything luminous from your pen to your room's walls. Rohinni an Idaho based startup has developed a light paper which has really thickness of a paper and glows like an LED. It can be applied to any surface of any shape. 

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"With Lightpaper it's more of a platform of light that we don't even know how it's going to be used," explains Nick Smoot CMO Rohinni. "All we know is that we're trying to unlock the ability to create light."

It is manufactured by mixing ink and tiny LEDs together and printing them out on a conductive layer. This object is packed between two other layers and sealed. These tiny LEDs are about the size of red blood cell!! and are randomly dispersed on the material and the current flows it lights up.

The thin LEDs are the technology developed from the OLED technology but nothing such has came into the market, Lightpaper is much thinner than the OLEDs and has life span of 20 years same as of LEDs.

The company isn't interested in TV market but company is  seeing this technology to be applied on a bigger canvas i.e. for making cars head lights, lightning for houses for illuminating logos may of your smartphone, laptops or of your car. The company is working on other implementations of the lightpaper but Smoot didn't tell any to the interviewer 

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"The design process is something that can be done almost in an afternoon," Smoot says. "We've had people engage with us before, and before the day is out, we have designs that can go to market, which is a pretty weird thought."

For consumers the Lightpaper will be availble in the mid 2015 .But Rohinni won't be aiming at the home hobbyist market until after it takes hold in the commercial and industrial space. There some problems though related to this beautiful technology that is related to every tech in today's world like it has shimmering or starry night effect. 

"The magical thing about this solution is it's brighter, it's thinner, it's flexible, it's addressable, and programmable. You can address the sections of the diodes, which is a whole other space when you start thinking about solutions of light that you can address sections of."

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