Thursday, 1 January 2015

LG's New Speakers play the music Automatically when your Smartphone is near

CES 2015 in not far now and first tech of 2015 has been released i.e. LG's new Music Flow Speakers that play music whenever you keep your smartphone near these speakers.

The new speakers have many usual specs such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi etc. Also these are LG's first battery powered speakers. The main attraction which is that it plays music when smartphone is kept near, has a condition that the smartphone requires to be running LG's Music Flow app.
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"So you could be listening to music on your headphones on the subway ride home but the music will begin playing automatically from your living room Wi-Fi Sound Bar when you enter your living room." {TechCrunch}

It's no all, The Music Flow app can be controlled by using messaging app Line. Therefore once these speakers added as your contact you can say them to "play party songs" or to "turn off music after an hour."

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