Monday, 22 December 2014

Some Technology we all might have "Missed" to watch in 2014

Every year there is a new dawn in the field of science and technology. This year i.e. 2014 was a magnificent year for the technology to grow. As this the end of year here I bring you the list of very good technologies which you and all of us might have not seen in this year.

1. Smart Contact Lenses:

Google is now also known for it's research in the field of technology. The lenses above are designed by Google X, known for developing Google Glasses. These lenses can record the glucose level of a diabetic patient. These were developed by Google in January. 

"As you can imagine, tears are hard to collect and study," the Google engineers said. "At Google X, we wondered if miniaturized electronics - think: chips and sensors so small they look like bits of glitter, and an antenna thinner than a human hair - might be a way to crack the mystery of tear glucose and measure it with greater accuracy."

2. Camera that can record movement of light:

Camera can now even capture the movement of light. Yes at 4.4 trillion frames per second invented by researchers in Japan, has now set a record of world's fastest camera. The "Sequentially Timed All-optical Mapping Photography (STAMP)" is a camera so fast to record movement of light.

"High-speed photography is a powerful tool for studying fast dynamics in photochemistry, spintronics, phononics, fluidics and plasma physics," the researchers said

3. Invisible Cloaks:

Scientists at University of Cambridge developed a new method to manufacture invisible "Metamaterials" using lasers, that might lead to possibility of invisible cloaks. The thing is how they did it? Here is a short answer- Using an unfocused laser light to stitch particles of gold together, the researchers have created a material that reflected light through inverse refraction, making objects covered by it appear invisible by.

4. Printable, bendable Batteries:

 Flexible batteries are the future of the new smartphone era. This battery above is long lasting battery which is rechargeable obviously is developed by a California based startup.  Imprint Energy overcame the current limitations of available batteries there by introducing a new era in wearable tech and medications.

"(ZincPoly) enables the production of ultrathin, flexible, high energy density rechargeable batteries for significantly lower cost and without the design limitations of safety concerns of other battery technologies," Imprint Energy said.

5. Solar-panel windows:

Since the accidental discovery of quantum dots The Scientists at Los Alamos National Laboratory found a way to synthesize a window that double as solar panel. Talking about Quantum dots, seems very futuristic but as much, are made of a semiconductor were embedded in a transparent polymer in order to capture the sun's energy and harvest it as power.

"The key accomplishment is the demonstration of large-area luminescent solar concentrators (LSCs) that use a new generation of specially engineered quantum dots," said Victor Klimov, lead researcher at the Centre of Advanced Solar Photophysics at Los Alamos.

So, these were some mindblowing technologies which we all have missed in this year. Comment below the views about what you think of these technologies.

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