Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Illusion Coatings Makes things look which they are not!!!

We all had a fantasy of invisible cloaks from the time we were kids or some of us might be of teen age. Invisibility cloaks were once thought of only as " Star Trek" sci-fi or "Harry Potter" Fantasy. Also invisibility cloaks devices work against the other kinds of waves.

But here, I am not exactly talking about the invisibility cloaks but rather of " Illusion Coatings", a fiber recently made by researchers. They say invisibility cloaks to conceal objects from detection, "illusion coatings" could hide things by making them look like something else. These illusion coatings will help spies and soldiers to hide antennas and sensors from remote inspection and allow the device to sense the outside world.

So, we can see the problem with invisibility cloaks that, it does not allow antennas or sensors to communicate with outside world.

The investigators started with thin sheets of a composite material composed of glass fibers and Teflon. These were covered with patterns of copper stripes that interacted with the composite material to scatter radio waves in a very precise way. The stripes are only 35 microns deep and about 300 to 500 microns wide. (For comparison, the average width of a human hair is 100 microns.)

Illusion coatings may also help protect any type of equipment from stray or intentional electromagnetic interference. For instance, they could help enable multiple-antenna arrays, "where each antenna will not be affected by the presence of the other antennas, even when they are placed in very close proximity to each other," said co-author Douglas Werner, an electrical engineer at Pennsylvania State University.

While these illusion coatings currently only work for radio frequencies, the researchers are exploring ones that work against infrared and visible wavelengths of light, Werner said.

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