Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Printer in your Pocket

LG Pocket Photo at CES 2013

Many of the time we come across a situation when we need a picture urgently or we are like " I wish that i had that pic" when we remember any special moment. Here LG has made a gadget that can solve this problem named as the LG Pocket Photo. A small gadget 4.76 Inches in length, 2.83 inches wide and 0.94 inch in width can print the photo of size nearly 2 by 3 Inches. 

The interesting part  is that it does not need any cables or wires to do this, the gadget gets picture from your android phone or tablet via bluetooth or NFC which makes printing pictures easy and less mess.

To use this device the user needs the LG Pocket Photo app available on the Google Playstore. The app can take photos from phone's camera, edit them and can generate QR code if we want. We can print regular photos, invitations(with QR code), but obviously a pocket photo and ID photos.

The new thing in this gadget is that the printer does not need any kind of ink it uses Zink or Zero ink technology. The paper used in this printer has ink of it's own. The Pocket Photo heat's that paper according to the picture and dye crystal embedded inside the paper and we get the colors of the pictures respectively. 

Yes, we can't get the picture quality which we get from the professional studio printed picture but we can have our work done if need any picture immediately. Many improvements are still to be done in the gadget but yet it's a ice gadget to be worked with.

What do you think about the LG Pocket Photo comment below.

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