Friday, 12 December 2014

Discarded laptop batteries into power source for houses

All of us dump our laptop batteries when they are dead and our laptop run on direct power supply. But the research at IBM India found that old batteries of our laptops can be used to built battery packs that can light up homes that don't have reliable electricity supply in India. 

According to the research 70% of the discarded batteries have enough potential to use them again. As batteries are made up of multiple cells so when we say the battery is dead it's not completely dead means all of the cells doesn't become useless. 

When the researchers at IBM India examined those discarded laptop batteries they harvested the one which still had some potential to be used again and made a battery packs which for all obvious reasons are rechargeable and named it "UrJar"

So a study was conducted by the IBM India and Radio Studio, they gave the UrJar to five participants in Bangalore, and found that they used them for long time on a single charge. One of them had power for 4.5 hours for 2-3 days and another participant ran a CFL for 2-3 days on a single charge.  

The study is titled " UrJar: A Lighting Solution using Discarded Laptop Batteries". It says that in 2012 20% of world's population do not have access to grid based power distribution system of electricity. IBM says it's not aiming to gain profit through the UrJar but they can be distributed for free in developing countries.

However a lot more is to improved in them efficiency, durability, battery indicator and some other ones.

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