Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Battery Packed Power Pen

In today's life we rely on phones like never before. This is because they are portable and very powerful these days. And also we fear about getting out of the battery when we need it. As excessive use of them can't make them run whole day.

Many of the new kind of portable chargers a available in the market even wireless ones. But they are bulky. Now a new type of charger which is pen shaped can charge our smartphone may be iOS or Android. 

Little Ball point pen having aluminium body has twist action, twisting it a bit ball point pin gets out for writing but, twisting it a bit closer to top the micro USB connector comes out to charge your device. At end a cap be removed to charge the power pen as there is USB charging port.

It's Developers are not making big claims of it charging your smartphone as the pen contains only 700 mAh battery and might not be able to charge your device as other portable chargers in markets can as some of them have very big battery like 3,800 mAh and some of them having a bit bigger than it.

But, the best part is it is good in looks much more portable than others and can give give juice to your device's battery to operate few more hours when in the red zone

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Source: Gizmag

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