Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Simple Circuit to double the Wireless Data speed ( Cellular and Wifi)

At the University of Texas researchers have invented a simple circuit that can send and receive the data/signal at same time the thing called the "full-duplex". Till now our radio system had very small gap in sending and receiving the signal but the new circuit doesn't has it even.

Today's world radio circuit has gap between sending and receiving the signal is to save the signal from drowning. But, this new circuit can manage to send and receive at same time which deliberately makes the data transmission speed double as the present times. 

The new circuit called circulator can isolate the signals those coming into the antenna from those which are going out. Circulators are at the present times a crucial part of our radar systems but, they till now were made using very strong magnets and rare earth metals making it unsuitable for smartphones and wifi routers. 

The new circuit designed is very light small, cheap and ideal for smartphone use according to Andrea Alu associate Professor who led this work. The 2 cm circuit can be fit into now days devices very easily with some modification a sort of standalone the mobile device antenna.

The circuit can be considered as a road junction having three roads i.e. road into it, out from it and the circle via any of those wires. But components called resonators forces signal to move in clockwise direction.

Alu says the his circuit could fit inside any of the modern device to send and receive the data. He says that some U.S. and European cellular companies are working on hardware and software to allow full-duplex communication. H e thinks of commercializing the design.

But, one question I wonder is increasing the transmission and receiving rate will increase in heat generation and power consumption.

What do you think about Alu's project comment below.

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