Monday, 29 December 2014

Breathable air on Mars: The New Space Race

Interstellar the movie released this year had shown man a vision of leaving the planet Earth and to prosper on some other planet of this universe. It seems that about in a decade or a two man will be able to breathe on the Red Planet, As the New Space Race has begun which are famous from the times of The Cold War.

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NASA hopes to send manned mission on to the fourth planet of our solar system but, not until the mid 2030s. Also the SpaceX and Mars One are talking about the making the trip under 10 years from now. So, whenever it is going to land there some new innovations are about to come.

Students from University of Western Australia and Mars One Astronaut candidate Josh Richards are finalist in the Mars One University competition, which will send some key experiments to Mars in 2018.

The "Helena Payload Project", by the team hopes to extract water from the surface of Mars and using electrolysis to produce breathable air.

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The Australian team will have to compete with the Cyano Knights, who hopes to show that oxygen on Mars can be made by it's 95% carbon dioxide atmosphere. "Our experiment will hopefully pave the way to ensure the survival of the elected astronauts on the Red Planet, as we attempt to produce oxygen from Martian resources," said UWA engineering student and Helena co-lead, Andre Van Vulpen.

Two students concepts join the MIT's Mars OXygen In situ resource utilization Experiments (MOXIE), which was selected this year for inclusion on board. MOXIE is similar to Helena Project, by using solid oxide electrolysis to peel oxygen off of carbon dioxide splitting into Oxygen and Carbon monoxide.

Naturally, the stakes are a little higher for the Mars One teams, who are looking to test technologies that could generate molecules to be inhaled by real humans in the next 10-12 years, whereas MOXIE will just be conducting experiments aboard a robot.

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