Sunday, 28 December 2014

Self Driving Car: Google

Everyday new technologies are coming to change our lives, technology is creating the world which we all used to think, about which we used to have fantasy when we were kids. Google is such a tech giant which is helping in shaping this world. Recently Google made another breakthrough in technology by showing it's Self Driving Car. 

It was first seen in May being tested by the Google and now Google Made it's first prototype and says it will be on roads by Jan 2015, Well I am very much excited about this new tech breakthrough.

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The goofy-looking car has with no steering wheel or pedals that Google revealed in May is now "fully functional" and should start testing on public roads next month, the tech giant says. Over the past seven months, Google has made a series of prototypes, testing different aspects of the design, steering and braking to the sensors and software that brings it all together. The result, it says, is "our first complete prototype for fully autonomous driving." Google has a vision of only Driverless cars running over the roads at the end of this decade.

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I will update about how this self driving car works and all specs about it till then you can check out my blog and be updates about the new techs and their specs.

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