Thursday, 18 December 2014

LG's Quantum Dot display TVs @ CES 2015

Every tech lover is excited about the CES every year that is held in Las Vegas in the month of january. Now CES 2015 not being a month to go LG has some very exciting TV tech to show off @ CES 2015.

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Getting to first and most exciting one which I liked the most was the 4K TVs with Quantum Dot displays. This might sound a much futuristic but, they are much simpler than they seem to be and easy to produce. Quantum dots are just small specks of semiconductors that emit light when excited by external voltage. Depending upon their size and material you can tune these dots to emit different frequencies in this case colors of light. LG placed a film of the Quantum dots at the front and the back of the backlight and behind the display also which deliberately improves picture color reproduction and brightness.

LG has put this technology in 4K LCD panels rather than 4K OLED panel which makes the gadget cheap to buy. 

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The second thing LG is bringing to CES 2015 is 55 inches 8K TVs with resolution of 7680x4320 meaning that the TV has 33.2 million pixels or 16 times than the pixels of HD TV i.e. 1920x1080. And these TVs have pixel density of 160 ppi which is much for a TV. Samsung and Sharp also brought their 8K TVs in CES 2014 but they were to large about 98 and 85 inches respectively, which are indeed much bigger for a house. Also it was expected that their 8K TVs will be in markets by the end of this year but still both companies didn't release their TV sets in the market. 

So, our daily life TV watching experience is about to change. First displays of our mobiles and tablets improved and now time for our TVs. Still we don't have much of 4K content available around us and none of the 8K content. But, will come soon.

Comment below your opinions about the LG's gadgets about to appear in the CES 2015. 

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