Sunday, 19 October 2014

Google's Project Ara

From big walkie talkie like mobile phone to slim cellphones and from Nokia E series to Smartphones. But now what?
What if you could change the camera, screen or even processor of your mobile phones without even unscrewing! Fascinating right.

Here comes the Google's project Ara of modular style smartphones, where you can change your device's hardware i.e. screen, cameras, battery, processor, wifi module and add other hardware like pico projectors, night vision sensors, gaming controls and all the stuff you think your device should have.

Launch is planned next year. Google will sell a $50 starter kit including frame, wifi, screen, battery and a low-end CPU.

Google says the phone is designed to be used by "six billion people", including the one billion smartphone users and the five billion feature phone users. Seriously a revolution to our smartphone experience. Google wants to lower the entry barrier for phone hardware manufactures so that there could be " Hundreds of thousands of developers" instead of current handful of big manufactures. Anyone one will be able to build a module without requiring a license or paying fee.

 So, you can also build your own smartphone again a mesmerizing concept. This project will open doors for new innovations and new inventions also entrepreneurs.

The frame will be available in two sizes "mini" about a size of Nokia 3310 and medium of size of about  Nexus 5. In future a large frame of about size of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will be available. Frames will have slot in fort for screen, front cam and other modules. On back some other slots for battery, camera and other modules. Modules are secured with electropermanent magnets. The cases of modules will be 3D-printed so coustomers can design their own individual cases and replace them.

This project surely will have good impact on everyone including the environment as it will reduce the electronic waste and plastics. So, when ever the user will find the phone outdated one can replace the outdated module with the latest module of one's requirement. Also opening doors to new innovations

What do you think about the project ara? Will it be a big hit or flop?
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