Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Microsoft gets Heads Up with Windows 10

After the the failure of Windows 8 in the market Microsoft is back in the game with Windows 10 and is really liked by the critics till now. It also feels like déjà vu as some of the features of Windows 7 and vista are included in this Windows.

Back to Start 

Windows 10 is the mixture of best elements of Windows 7 with touch friendly features of Windows 8 as the  in general was poorly received, with Windows 10 Microsoft made some U-Turns.
The start button which was missing in 8 has came back. Clearly Start menu provides quick view of files and folders which are most frequently used, Users can personalize the space with Modern UI features that include favorite apps, programs, people and websites.

 Also users will be able to resize the apps on the title bar and can switch between desktops for different purposes.
"Offering multiple desktops to separate personal and professional uses is smart, as is the additional focus on snapping different applications to the screen at once," said Josh Crandall, principal analyst at NetPop Research

"It's exciting times again as we watch the tug-of-war between the browser and the OS. Whether your use is for pure productivity or procrastination, via mouse or touch, Windows 10 looks fresh and powerful," he said. "Now, the question is whether users will have the stamina to keep up with the content and applications that are vying for attention at every moment.

But Why not 9?

In this topic Crandall said "By skipping a version number and calling the next version Windows 10, Microsoft is highlighting the significance of this release to the company,"

"Let's face it, the rollout of Windows 8 was an enormous marketing faux pas, and the company is still reeling from it," he remarked.

Microsoft is ambitious about the reviews it has got from critics about the new OS, but what you think comment here below
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