Saturday, 30 May 2015

Next ridiculously amazing dimension of Wearable Tech: Google.

Every year Google brings something freaky and for sure awesome. This time at Google I/O there something I didn't have even seen in sci-fi movies. They are called project #Soli and project #Jacquard and they are gonna make concept of Wearables something very different.

First talking about the project Jacquard (i.e. fitted to a loom to facilitate the weaving of figured and brocaded fabrics) as the definition says it has something to with the fabric. It is dedicated for manufacturing of touch sensitive fabric.  A giant blue sheet of cloth is laid out on a table here and at various points there were either monitors or light bulbs or phones stationed next to it. There are tiny little instructions too: tap here, swipe here. The arrows on those instructions point to the touch-sensitive zones on the fabric. I'm not sure what makes it tick, but there are larger threads sewn into those zones. When you tap, or swipe, or draw, it acts precisely like a touchscreen. It turns on the music, it draws a line on a screen, it changes the color of the Hue lights. Therefore, What could be mistaken for stitching is actually a touchpad.

Next to talk about is Soli. This something like -  You wave your hand over a disk and watch the screen in front of you to display your hand's position and movement in space. Basically a type of radar. The interesting part is that the chip doing all this is less than a inch square. And what's the neat thing about Soli is that it works even when something is covering it. 

Just think of putting Jacquard and Soli next to each other maybe we don't have limited touchscreen interactions and devices. It's a pretty big deal. Thinking of possibilities of these both projects together are enormous. 

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