Friday, 23 January 2015

Turn your Room into your office or a Mario game: Microsoft HoloLens #VirtulaReality

What if I say that while just sitting in a sofa in your room can can do your office work by changing your room compeletly into your office or, what if you can see beyond your Laptop's or PC screen.
Microsoft on Wednesday in a Windows 10 even announced it's new technology breakthrough "Microsoft Hololens". Watch this Beautiful Video:

A thing that will change the way you think about technology or see technology. It comes with a new innovation i.e. 3-D Holograms which changes your room into windows app store, minecraft or your office Virtually. 

It uses no wires no Smartphone no nothing. It has all of it's own i.e. CPU , GPU and a dedicated Holographic Processing Unit. Therefore needs nothing to run it has all of it. The best part is it is not bulky like Oculus rift. It combines the feature of both Google glasses and Oculus Rift or the VR Gear.

You can also draw something during a Skype call and the user on the other side can see it and also can help you fixing something. The company has plans to build software for HoloLens, but it will be, as with all things, up to third-party developers to build the killer apps that make the headset a must-have. Microsoft’s quest to reclaim its former status as the de facto computing platform provider continues.

It sounds very odd but Microsoft is now the most interesting hardware companies. Yes, it builds X-boxes, Surfaces, Smartphones, Large touch displays and now a nerdy Goggles.

Price? Formal launch date? Partners? First killer app? All of those are critical unknowns, and Microsoft has a long road ahead. But what it has built to date is impressive, fun and challenging.

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