Sunday, 18 January 2015

How to use a Remote control for controlling LED brightness.

I made a new and a very simple project on Arduino for controlling LED brightness by Remote Control. Things you need are:

  • IR Sensor
  • LED
  • Battery 9V
  • Bread Board
  • Some Connecting wires
  • Battery clip
  • Arduino Power Chord.

Things are above and now comes the circuit diagram. 

Simply hook LED and IR Sensor to the Arduino and its done.
The main thing is that each pressing a particular button of the remote control the LED's brightness will change. This thing can be understood in programming. 

I will be adding a video soon in about 30 minutes So, be updated.

Code link is Given Below.Remote Control led 

Hope you enjoy the project and ask Your Questions below I would Love to answer them. Video Below will give the demo.

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