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10 Tech resolutions for this New Year.

5. Don't Drive Distracted (3D's)

If you live in the United States then in 2015, 44 states will ticket you even for texting while driving and 14 will bust you just for holding your phone in our hand. In 2012, 421,000 people were injured in distracted driving accidents, and you may not care if you are one of them, but you have an obligation towards everyone you share the road with.

6. Take your TV out of Bedroom

Watching a TV serial at 10 p.m. or later is the worst thing we can do, not for next mornings classes or meetings, but for your health. According to American Academy of Sleep Medicine, late night shows contribute to chronic sleep debt. Getting fewer than seven hours of sleep is associated with increased obesity, morbidity and mortality, and for as many as 40% of Americans, this is their reality.

And don't even think of putting TV in your kid's room. Researches shows that placing tv in your kid's room will cause your kid to gain weight even beyond screen time. So, keep it in Living Room.

7. Use a Password Manager

Everyone wants to make their login information easy to remember and secure. So, this New Year replace your password from Myself123! to a new secure password. Some apps like 1password and LastPass will do the remembering work. So, next time you have to login just check out there.

8. Backup 3 three different ways

We all backup our computer regularly, fastest and easiest way to do this is backing up locally on your external HDD. On Windows 8 daily backup can be done easily by enabling File History and for Mac it's feature called Time Machine.

Store your very important documents and file in cloud, as if ever your external drive gets torched, you'd be in your luck.

But the third way to backup is called off-site backups. Because if there’s something worse than a fire — like an earthquake — and your external drive is toast and everyone’s Internet connection is down, you’ll still need your files. So, once a month, make a copy of your external drive, and bring it over to your mother’s house to store it safely.

9. Mind your Ps and Qs (posts and qoutes)

In 1864, the Great Emancipator Abraham Lincoln famously said, “The problem with Internet quotes is that you cant always depend on their accuracy.” Okay, you got me — he didn’t say that. But chances are you’ve posted equally bogus information on Facebook, like that Facebook Copyright post (not real), and some of the Ebola “news” stories that were floating around.

This year, resolve to stop spreading misinformation online — with more than half of Facebook and Twitter users getting news from the sites, it’s just an irresponsible thing to do. Lifehacker has an excellent step-by-step on how to determine if what you’re sharing is true. So, research before you repost.

10. Make your Posts Pertinent 

First, going through your Facebook friends and categorize people into various groups, like co-workers, high-school friends, baseball fans, whatever. You can then make pertinent posts only to the people who would be most interested in reading them. For instance, if there’s a fundraiser at your local church, post that to friends in your town, not to everyone on your list. And there’s another good reason for doing this — your second cousin who lives three states away has probably already blocked you because of all those fundraiser reminders you posted last year.

Comment Below what you think and what modifications can be done to these existing New Year Resolutions and what else can be added.

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