Saturday, 27 December 2014

10 Tech resolutions for this New Year.

This time let's do it in a different way, every year we make resolutions and most of us do not follow them even for a week. This year I found 10 New Year tech resolutions over the net to make as many of them make us antisocial, here we go>

1. No Smartphone while eating.

First and the most important we all have very bad habit of using smartphone while having meal. This habit is annoying most of the time for our parents and pals. This thing I also found the most annoying one. No one wants to see photos of every meal you eat, on Instagram. But more importantly, in a time where we all feel stretched thin and barely have a moment to ourselves, setting the phone down at mealtimes assures that you have at least a few minutes to collect your thoughts.

2. Turn off push Notifications.

In today's world there is no teenager who's smartphone does not give him/her an alert. This new year make a resolution to turn off all the third party apps and you will find your life much peaceful and if you miss any of the update the app will automatically prompt you to update it. 

3. Turn on Find My iPhone

As easy as it sounds, just taps, swipes entering a password and it's done. Also this smartphone-saving tool not uses your memory at the back ground. So, whenever you loose your iPhone whether it is under your couch or cushion, it will be easy to find.

 4. Go paperless

So many trees fall every year to make paper. So this New year go Paperless with the help of your smartphone. De-ink your life by using some apps from the respective app stores some the excellent apps are Scanbot for Android and Wave Receipts on iOS. These can be used to scan and categorize your pay slips.

                                 Next resolutions. >>> 

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