Sunday, 9 November 2014

Energy Generating Road to be opened in Netherlands

Think of a road producing electricity for your entire city, sounds interesting. In Netherlands the idea is about to be implemented "SolaRoad" the project being worked in Netherlands. The world's first solar bike path is set to be open there on 12/11/2014 (dd/mm/yyyy). The amazing road will run from Amsterdam's northern suburb of Krommenie and will have concrete slabs embedded with solar panels to. 

The project has been under work since 2009, when the Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) led a team of road construction and technical service providers to explore solar potential of the Holland's roads. Estimate is that the 140,000km of roads in the country between 400 and 500 km sq. of surface area that could potentially tapped for solar power.

Initially a 70 m long bicycle path with embedded solar panels will open on 12 novem. 2.5 by 3.5 m concrete slabs will make up the path and feature a layer of crystalline silicon solar cells with 1 cm thick layer of translucent tempered glass. The glass is translucent enough to pass the sunlight through and hard enough to give a surface of road. 

By channeling its energy into the bicycle path pilot, SolaRoad is aiming to establish maximum solar efficiency on a small scale first. It says this more cost-effective strategy will see money saved for further development down the (solar-powered) road.

What do you think about the road and the amazing concept comment below.
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