Thursday, 13 November 2014

After Quantum Computers The era of Optical Computers

Just think using lasers instead of wires in computers. British researchers have created a new material that could allow creation of all optical computers that are far more faster than today's electronic computers. Here we don't have to fabricate a hard to make material like graphene or some. We are talking about Chalcogenide Glass.

You might be wondering about the material we are talking about. We all have seen it and made use of it. Chalcogenide glasses that can change their state between glassy and crystalline state. This is used in recording layer of re-writable CD and DVD. Chalcogenide glass is generally GST (Germanium Antimony Tellurium) that changes between glass and crystalline when it's struck by the laser.   

In today's world most of computers run over flow of electricity, copper wires and over transistors. This thing creates a lot of heat which we all know from our day to days life, our laptop's throwing out heat all the time when we do some heavy task on it, which  deliberately decreases it's efficiency and performance. That's why we use optical fibers and lasers for backbone internet connections.

It's very hard to use a laser inside a small silicon chips for transfer of data. Researchers at University of Surrey, University of Cambridge and University of Southampton in England may come up with a solution that will allow a single component that can produce light, guide light, store light and detect it.

The English researchers are using Chalcogenide glass, which are always p-type Semiconductor and managed to turn it into n-type semiconductor allowing them to build pn junction. PN junctions are the primary blocks of almost every semiconductor device from LEDs to Photovoltaic cells.

These much more efficient computers may be available for us and may bring a revolution in world of computing

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