Monday, 2 February 2015

Materials Never to get rust again #UniversityOfRochester #SuperHydrophobic

Awesome future is near to us think about our house water pipes never getting damaged due to rust, Motor-less water transferring systems, our clothes never getting wet due to rain and many more things can be like this can be made with the help of this new breakthrough made by Professor Chunlei Guo and colleagues at the University of Rochester. All of this is explained by the beautiful pictures below.

Watch this beautiful video:

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They have made micro and nano-structures that turns metals black and make their surface clean and dry, therefore, it could help prevent icing and rust, collect heat more effectively also leading to water repelling Electronics.

Many other hydrophobic coatings are available in the market but they are not long lasting as they depend upon chemicals, they certainly wear off after sometime.

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The researcher team at University of Rochester have found a way to change metal properties permanently at it's surface by exposing them to femtosecond lasers, which emit very high pulse in very short interval of time (femtosecond = 10^-15 Seconds)

Using powerful 65-femtosecond laser pulses at a rate of up to one thousand per second the scientists were able to change the surface structure of platinum, titanium and brass samples. The structure they produced was an array of microscopic grooves which were then covered by 5 to 10-nanometer features, a design that was partly inspired by the way in which lotus leaves keep water and parasites at bay.

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The result is a remarkable material that not only repels water very effectively (tilt the surface by five degrees and the water slides or bounces right off), but is also velvet black from every angle (which makes it highly light-absorbing) and even self-cleaning.

There is much more to say about the new breakthrough because of shortage of time I can't write much more.

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Source: Gizmag

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