Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Graphene Revolution: Harvest energy from "Air" !!!

I think this much description is enough for everybody to think about the versatility of Graphene.

Latest research have found that graphene is attractive for possible uses in proton-conducting membranes which are core of the fuel cells. Now what is fuel cell? -- Fuel cells are source of power mostly used in space technology, it works by using oxygen and hydrogen as a fuel and converting chemical energy in them to electrical energy. However, the current membranes that separate the proton necessary for this process are inefficient, allowing contamination of fuel crossover. Therefore by using graphene in them could increase their efficiency to much extent.

The most interesting part is that in research it has been found that membranes could be used to extract hydrogen directly from atmosphere and such harvesting could be combined with the fuel cells to create a mobile electric generator fueled simply by Hydrogen present in air 

Just think of it, if these membranes could be installed successfully in our gadgets we daily use can just revolutionize our gadgets. No need of batteries our phones will just become thin and wearable tech will be much more impressive and light weight. No need of even charging them!

"We worked with small membranes, and the achieved flow of hydrogen is of course tiny so far. But this is the initial stage of discovery, and the paper is to make experts aware of the existing prospects. To build up and test hydrogen harvesters will require much further effort." said the researchers.

I think this could just revolutionize our world and may even some day big energy projects may be running on this discovery, we never know......

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Despite of all this graphene has other very mind blowing merits like, if used in solar cells, it can increase their efficiency by 60%. Unlike silicon Graphene can produce multiple electrons for every current driven electron from each proton.

Apart from uses in transportation, where its lightness and strength stands to transform the manufacture of cars and planes to make them more fuel efficient, graphene has been studied as a corrosion-proof coating for packaging. In industry, its use as a membrane is being studied as a means of purifying water and even as a way of extracting salt and other elements from sea water to make it drinkable.

So we can see that how marvellous is this material Graphene is. It will be an important area of research and investment in the upcoming years.

Comment below your thoughts about this amazing discovery which has been made.

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Source: CNN

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